Classmates deny T&T police report of student’s killing

CrimeSceneCTRINIDAD EXPRESS — Despite the police’s claim that 15-year-old Tevin Alexander was brandishing a firearm when he was shot and killed by lawmen on Monday afternoon, pupils of Belmont Secondary School yesterday said they could not bring themselves to believe such allegations against their friend.

“Those reports are just not true. They real bogus. If you know Tevin, then you know this boy used to be afraid of trouble of any kind. He never even get into a fight in this school because he just wasn’t that type of person.

“He never disrespect his teachers. He never did anything like that at all. So hearing on the news last night that the police saying he had a gun on him and that’s why they kill him, that just not true. We don’t believe that at all.

“The boy who afraid of any sort of ranking thing holding a gun? Not at all,” a pupil at the school said yesterday afternoon.

At the time, the Express had visited the school to talk to the pupils on the death of their classmate.

One of the pupils said Tevin was assigned to the “Four O” classroom and he was a “bright boy” who always did his schoolwork.

“The man only had love for music and football. He was a level mid-fielder. That was his favourite position to play. And he was real bright in class.

“He was always either studying, or sleeping, to be honest, and that was only because he was up studying the night before. He never used to give any trouble at all. He was just a bright boy,” another pupil said.

The pupils said they were all saddened by Tevin’s death and they would miss him greatly.

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