Cockleshell Road Completely Resurfaced

ZIZ News [September 03, 2013] — The road from Cockleshell Bay to the main junction of the South East Peninsula Road has been completely resurfaced.

This is the word coming out of the prime minister’s communication unit.

Surrey Paving who was awarded the contract more than three months ago in conjunction with the public works department, saw the installation of New storm drains and new shoulders; the widening of the road, and upgrading the laying of utilities which were all completed before the road was resurfaced.

The resurfacing of the section of road on the South East Peninsula is one of many road resurfacing projects currently under way.

Other road projects include the construction of a new roundabout near ECCB to join traffic from Bird Rock, Frigate Bay, Basseterre, and the Kim Collins Highway; new drainage along Pond Road and Sandown Road, and the resurfacing of the Bay Road from Pelican Mall to Sandown Road across to Pond Road traveling over to the South East Peninsula;

It also includes the construction of a tunnel through Timothy Hill.

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