Commissioner C.G. Walwyn Makes Unannounced Visits To St. Kitts High Schools

ZIZ News [September 26, 2013]– Commissioner C.G. Walwyn concerned about the youths of the Federation and the safety of all students and faculty at the local high schools, made unannounced visits to the Principals of the individual high schools in St. Kitts. Similar visits will soon be conducted in Nevis. In one on one session with each High School Principal, it was learnt how best law enforcement can assist with the safety and security of their secondary institutions. Some common themes were discovered.

The strongest theme developed during the individual sessions with the principals was the apparent lack of enforcement of the curfew of juveniles on Friday and Saturday nights, by the Police and parents. Juveniles, they claimed, can be seen engaging at local neighborhood entertainment centers, when they should be off the streets. The Principals also expressed concern about non-school students, attempting to engage school students in altercations, as they leave school property for the day. A greater police presence has been requested in school districts, while some districts were grateful for the already established presence in their communities. One principal expressed thanks to the Police Sergeant in his outlying area for proactively removing juveniles from a local entertainment center this weekend and asked that the process be continued. Overall, the Principals expressed concerned about juvenile delinquency after school and the need for more security, either physical or virtual, at their centers of learning.
A desire was also expressed for more parents to become involved in the parent teacher associations within their respective communities.

The meetings were very productive and Commissioner Walwyn expressed that some of the suggested security measures will be implemented beginning with enforcing the juvenile curfew this weekend. Juveniles will be detained at the Police Station and parents will have to come and get them. The Commissioner will visit Nevis at a future date.

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