Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley says an investigation is underway into an incident of drugs missing from police custody

In a statement issued on Saturday the Commissioner said “I can confirm that small quantities of cannabis, which are exhibits in matters before the magistrate’s court, have recently gone missing from police custody. At the time of its disappearance, the drugs were placed at a location outside of the secured exhibit room.”

He said when they found out the drugs were missing an investigation was immediately launched led by assistant commissioner Andre Mitchell assisted by external, experienced investigators from within the region.

The commissioner said “the disappearance of these drugs is a disturbing and an extremely serious matter which is being treated with the seriousness that it deserves.”

He said the drugs are associated with current court cases and there is an active investigation so much information about the disappearance cannot be revealed to the public right now.

He also stated that no guns or pieces of ammunition are missing.

The statement said “reports circulating on social and other media which suggest that there are guns and ammunition missing in relation to other court cases are malicious and completely false.”

He also added that there has been no tampering with the investigation into the missing drugs noting “suggestions that there has been external or improper influence in the treatment of this matter, or any other police investigation, are not only mischievous, they are malicious and unfounded. Therefore, I consider it necessary to re-emphasize that our conduct of investigations are always carried out independent of external influence or interference.”

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