Commissioner Walwyn pleased with success of Crime Scene Unit

Commissioner Walwyn

ZIZ News…June 22, 2012 — The Commissioner of Police Mr. C G Walwyn applauds the recent success of the Crime Scene Unit in their recent identification of human remains found in the White Gate Area.

This enhanced forensic ability of the department and the agency is as a direct result of the support of the Government and private sector initiatives coupled with the vision laid by Mr. Walwyn on the 1st September 2011.

Commissioner Walwyn said the vision is clear but as an agency they must remain focus and united with the law enforcement partners in the quest to ensure the security demands of the Federation are met.

The support of the Defence Force, Customs and Excise and the Fire and Rescue Services cannot be overly emphasized, he said.

He further stated that their success in the recent homicides would not have been possible without the public participating in the network of information sharing and Community Policing initiatives.

As Law Enforcement executes new initiatives they expect trends to be modified and therefore request of the public to continue to practice safety and crime prevention tips which were previously posted with all media houses. We urge you to report all matters quickly especially those which involves persons who are missing.

Meanwhile with effect from today Friday 22nd June 2012 all law enforcement officials will be engaged in more frequent patrols of our streets. This increased presence would cause delays and dissatisfaction to many. However the police do crave your support for the greater good of ensuring the safety and security of all persons within the Federation.

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