Commissioner Walwyn reaffirms commitment to working with all Governments

COPWalwynHeadshotEZIZ News — The Federation’s Commissioner of Police has said that, while he respects and is willing to work closely with Nevis’ Premier, the Honourable Vance Amory, he has realised traits in the Nevisian leader that he has not encountered with former premier, Honourable Joseph Parry or Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Dr. Denzil Douglas.

Speaking with ZIZ News this week, Commissioner Walwyn expressed disappointment in the Nevis Island Administration’s decision to undertake a second investigation into the treasury building fire while the report of the first investigation has not yet been submitted.

“I have told the premier before and when Mr. Parry was the premier, Mr. Parry never once told me to do anything. Never once,” he said.

“This Prime Minister has never once asked me to do anything. If we have investigations, they wait until the investigation is complete. They don’t try to circumvent me or they don’t try to disrespect me by going to my Assistant Commissioner of Police. I still run the Police Force and it’s evident that some people believe that they can circumvent me and get their own way because I don’t succumb to pressure and I don’t do what people want, I do what is right,” Walwyn added.

In a nationwide address last Thursday, Premier Amory admitted to excluding Commissioner Walwyn from the investigative process saying he recommended that, “The full forensic fire investigation report be published and made available to all the citizens and residents of our island” and added that he intended to “send a copy of the report from Chief Riches to ACP Robert Liburd who is the officer in charge in Nevis of the police services.”

Notwithstanding these events, Commissioner Walwyn assured ZIZ News that his disappointment in Premier Amory’s actions does not hinder his ability to work closely with the Nevisian leader or his administration.

“I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I’m against the Premier. I am not,” he said. “I told you all from day one I don’t get involved in politics but if my office is being called into question because of whatever reasons people may have, I’m going to speak out. I’m here as the police commissioner for the people of the Federation not for any political party.”

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