Community Helping to Reduce Crime

(ZIZ)– The police are crediting the community with the fifteen percent drop in crime in 2013, compared to 2012.

Police Commissioner Celvin Walwyn said their community policing programme has built up a stronger relationship with neighbourhoods and gotten them involved in the fight against crime.

He said, “We were able to have more community meetings with the public where we would go to places like St. Pauls, Cayon, Frigate Bay, Bird Rock and Mc Knight and we would ask the public “what is it that the police can do to make your communities more safe?”

The Commissioner said their programme was most evident in December which saw a forty (40) percent drop in crime compared to the previous year.

He added, “We were very visible out here. We had the recruits on the streets. We also went as far as going on the radio stations — at least two or three times in December asking the young men to please, let the folks who are coming home enjoy the Christmas season.”

Commissioner Walwyn also thanked the police officers for the sacrifices they make to keep the federation safe for residents and visitors.

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