Conference on the Economy 2013 described as NIA’s demonstration of NIA’s commitment to a vibrant; strong economy

CollinDoreA(NIA) CHARLESTOWN NEVIS — “Building the Pillars for a stronger society, a healthy people and a vibrant economy” was the theme for a Nevis Island Administration’s (NIA) Conference on the Economy on October 18th, 2013. Chairperson of the event and the Administration’s Treasurer Mr. Collin Dore, described the theme as a demonstration of the Administration’s commitment to the health of the people of Nevis; the wealth of the nation, since a healthy people made for a vibrant economy and by extension a strong society. The conference was hosted at the Red Cross conference room.

In opening remarks, Mr. Dore explained the exercise was in preparation for the NIA’s annual budget considering that the policies adopted by the Administration and outlined in the budget had to be reflective of the plans and investment policies of the private sector.

“This exercise will precede the preparation of our annual budget as we firmly believe that the policies that we adopt as an Administration and outline in our budget must be in harmony with the plans and investment policies of the private sector.

“We firmly believe that the private sector must be the engine of growth if we are to build a vibrant economy and that the role of the government should be one of providing the necessary infrastructure both physical and concessional to stimulate this growth and enable you, the private sector, to roll out your investment programmes,” he said.

The Treasurer noted, it was for that reason a number of stakeholders from various sectors were invited to the consultation by the Administration, so that any new policies implemented in the upcoming budget would clearly reflect the desire to meet their needs.

Notwithstanding, Mr. Dore explained that the Administration had taken a different format from its annual engagement as it sort to engage the various stakeholders in meaningful and frank discussion on the way forward for building a strong and healthy people, economy and society.

The discussions were centred on five of the main pillars of the economy – the Tourism, Agriculture, Financial Services, Health and Social sectors and Small Business Development – strategically chosen by the Administration, in the belief that those sectors would form part of the pillars for future development of the economy of Nevis.

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