Conserve Water For 2016

(ZIZ News) — After nearly one week of non-stop water supply, the Water Services Department will resume water rationing on Monday.

Acting Manager Denison Paul, told ZIZ News the suspension couldn’t be maintained as water levels are too low.

He said going into 2016, there needs to be a change in the way consumers use water.

“The total amount of water that we provide during the rationing period should be enough to supply the entire island. But because of the way we have used water over the years, and it’s cultural, some very bad habits, we use more water than we should,” he disclosed.

Paul said as the dry season approaches, persons need to make a greater effort to conserve water.

He stated that “each person should not be using more than 40 to 50 gallons per day,” adding that “we can do everything we need to do with 40 to 50 gallons a day; use of the toilet, washing laundry, dishwashing, showering, all of that…but we abuse the supply.”

He said on average, a household’s water bill should be no more than ten dollars per person. The Water Department’s minimum charge is twenty dollars.

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