Constituency #3 Fish Fry: Senator Byron-Nisbett thanks Team Unity partner PAM

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, May 7, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Peoples Labour Party (PLP) Constituency Number Three (West Basseterre) Branch continues with its efforts to assist community members, and Branch Chairperson Senator Akilah Byron-Nisbett is thanking Team Unity partner party the People’s Action Movement (PAM) for coming on board and assisting in fund raising activities.

On Friday May 3 the Hon Byron-Nisbett, who is also the Deputy National Political Leader of the Peoples Labour Party (one of the three parties in the ruling Team Unity Administration), ably assisted by members of the PLP Executive and the PAM Executive Branches for Constituency Number Three held a Fish Fry fundraising event in the parking lot outside CMR Building in Lime Kiln Commercial Park.

“We had the branch executive, but it is not just the PLP that worked towards pulling this event off,” said the Hon Byron-Nisbett. “This is more of a West Basseterre Team Unity effort because we also have members of the executive of the People’s Action Movement (PAM) from within West Basseterre who were also part of the planning and the execution of the event as well.”

The Fish Fry Friday fundraising event, which was patronised by hundreds from all walks of life, was also attended by the Minister of Tourism the Hon Lindsay Grant, People’s Action Movement Chairman Ambassador Jonel Powell, People’s Action Movement Secretary General Ms Shirley Julius, and former Cabinet Minister Mr Richard Caines.

Also present were the Peoples Labour Party National Organiser Mr Alexis Nisbett; PLP Youth Arm Representatives Mr Manasses Huggins and Mr Delonte Lewis; PLP Branch Executives Mr Lenworth Harris (Chairman Constituency Number Seven), Mr Nubian Greaux (Chairman Constituency Number Two), Mr Lindsey Caesar (Member of Constituency Number Five Executive); and the entire PLP Constituency Number Three Branch Executive.

“I am very thankful that there were other members from other constituencies within Team Unity who were also present and patronising the event as well,” observed Senator Byron-Nisbett who was also supported by her parents, Mr Terence and Mrs Althea Byron. “I would like to thank the Hon Lindsay Grant and Ambassador Jonel Powell for being here and for participating, and making sure that this too is a success. It continues to show that we are working towards building our Team Unity so that we can push into the next elections stronger than before.”

According to the PLP Constituency Number Three Branch Executive Chairperson, the Fish Fry Friday fundraising activity was held as the branch continues with its efforts in terms of being able to do what they can to continue to assist persons within the communities from Trinity all the way to the Village, and Shadwell in the north.

“This will be one in a series of different events that we are going to have as we continue to try to make sure we at least have some funds to give back,” noted the Hon Byron-Nisbett. “It is also a means of being able to begin that type of community togetherness. So the next event we will have games – dominoes, checkers, and Ludo for example, whatever it is just to keep people engaged and make sure that we are able to enjoy the evening and have more of a community type of event and togetherness.”

She also took time to thank persons from the constituency who contributed to the success of the event. Music was provided by DJ J2, the flier was made by Mr Jasper Julius, the tent was provided by Mr Calvin Williams who owns an upcoming tent rental business and who is from the Shadwell area, while the grills were provided by Mrs Leeshaw Hutchinson and Ms Dias who both do grilling in Boyd’s on Saturdays.

“So everything we used and everything that was done came from within the constituency,” stated the Hon Byron-Nisbett. “The coolers, the chairs, everything were from within the constituency because we at the same time are trying to promote the young persons and the young businesses within Constituency Number Three as well.”

The Senator concluded by saying: “We believe that the community once working together can provide all of its needs and so we are trying to highlight all of the services and goods that are offered right here within the community at all of our events as a means of promoting those offerings.”

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