Constituency #7 Domino League

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The Constituency #7 Domino League started in 1996 at the Mansion Domino Club which was charged with the overall responsibility of Managing the League.

The League is in its 19th Year of operation and has been sponsored by Hon. Dr. Timothy Harris from its inception.

So far, Lodge has won the Championship 15 times and the other 3 times by Molineux, Mansion, and Beers.

In 2014, there are 12 teams registered as follows:-

Lodge, Guinness, Beers, Unity, Small Corner, Molineux, Christ Church, Tabernacle, Saddlers, Parsons, Unstoppable, and Inner City Youths.

The following is the position of the League which is in the Second Round of games:-

Points standing to date after 17 games have been played as of 21st October 2014.

1st—Lodge—84 pts
2nd –Unity—69 pts
3rd-Beers-65 pts
4th—Parsons-61 pts
5th –Tabernacle—60 pts
6th- Saddlers—51 pts
7th- Small Corner—46 pts
8th- Unstoppable—43 pts
9th- Molineux—40 pts
10th—Inner City Youths—34 pts
11th- Guiness—30 pts
12th- Christ Church—29 pts

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