Constituents endorse Marcella Liburd

(ZIZ News) — Several popular Central Basseterre icons endorsed incumbent Parliamentary Representative Hon. Marcella Liburd at a re-election campaign rally on Tuesday night.

Well known ital chef, I-Bless took to the political stage for the very first time at the rally on Market Street.

“Marcella is so good to us up here. Let me tell what all Marcella done for us up here. Look at the Dorset Park, how it look? Excellent I want to hear. Excellence. Nice, nice, nice! Look at our roads. Look at our roads. How it look? Excellent! That’s what we achieve for, excellency. That’s it, excellency. Marcella, me ain tell no lie. Who want tell lie it’s up to them. But lie not good. You are been so good to us up Market Street all the time. Give Marcella a round of applause again. Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah!” he said.

Another Central Basseterre resident known as Diamond, also endorsed the Social Development Minister.

She hailed Liburd as a champion for the residents of Central Basseterre and applauded Liburd’s efforts in finding employment and training opportunities for constituents through PEP.

“Central Basseterre, Marcella is a very good lady. People may say what they want to say. Everybody don’t like the same people. You might like this person but Marcella, she works for the youths, the PEP Programme, housing, the community, she makes sure that community fullness is something that goes on in Central Basseterre and once we keep her as a parliamentary representative, I know she’ll continue doing these things for our people so I want everybody in constituency number two vote for Marcella and you know we must win,” she said.

The election campaign rally was attended by hundreds of people from across the constituency and neighbouring constituencies.

Liburd is seeking a second term in office. She was elected for the first time on January 25th, 2010.

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