Constituents, officials greet PM Douglas on arrival at Bradshaw Airport on Saturday

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, NOVEMBER 20TH 2011 (CUOPM) – Residents of St. Christopher 6 (Newton Ground-Harris’) surprised their Parliamentary Representative, the Right Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas when he arrived from at the Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport from London on Saturday afternoon after a working visit.

Dr. Douglas, who was appointed to Her Majesty’s Privy Council by Queen Elizabeth the Second, was presented with congratulatory balloons by 12-year-old Tijean Carty when he arrived at the steps of the VIP Lounge.

Inside the VIP Lounge, the Prime Minister was hugged and kissed by constituents and family members.

Champagne flowed as brief words of congratulations were expressed by Chief Secretary Mr. Joseph Edmeade and several constituents.

“It is long in coming and Her Majesty has seen the tremendous work that our Prime Minister has been doing. On behalf of all civil servants and my family, I congratulate you,” said Mr. Edmeade, who is also Cabinet Secretary.

“On behalf of Constituency Six, we offer our heartiest congratulations,” said Ms. Ruby Taylor, while others wished Prime Minister “good health and God’s blessings” “further successes,” “best of health,” “long life and all of God’s blessings.”

“I am very proud to be on your team. You are a good man and you have done everything that this country needs and I know you will do more. Who God bless, no man curse,” said Mrs. Roslyn Grant, community leader.

Responding to the accolades, Prime Minister Douglas thanked all those who greeted him at the airport.

“It is a good gesture of solidarity and support. Many times when we provide services and we help our fellowman, you would never know the extent to which it was appreciated,” said Dr. Douglas, who thanked the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Right Hon. David Cameron for recommending his appointment to Her Majesty to be one of her privy counselors and the Queen for bestowing the honour.

“I could not have done it alone and I am sure the services that I have provided and what has been seen as success in those services to a large extent is as a result of the tremendous support I have received firstly, from the people of St. Christopher 6, who first elected me to Parliament and those who have worked very closely with me in Government – my Cabinet colleagues, and those who have also worked with me administratively,” said Dr. Douglas.

He singled out Chief Secretary Edmeade, Permanent Secretaries, Press Secretary, Personal Assistants, other officers and support staff as well as family members.

With the appointment as a Privy Counselor, the words “Right Honourable” are prefixed to the Prime Minister name.

Photos by Erasmus Williams

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