Consumer Affairs Department Hosts Open Day

(ZIZ News) – The general public got a chance to learn more about the work at the Department of Consumer Affairs on Friday, during an Open Day which commemorated Consumer Rights Awareness week of activities.

Officials were on hand to answer questions and speak about consumer rights awareness.

Consumer Affairs Investigation Officer, Vincent Fough spoke with a group of school children about how the department can help them stand up for their rights as consumers.

He told them, “If you go to purchase something at a store or your parents purchase something and you’re dissatisfied with it…there’s a manufacturing fault of some sort, you return it to the business place, file a complaint with a manager or supervisor and if you’re not satisfied with the response given, you can come to the Consumer Affairs Department where you can file a complaint. We’d go to that business place and investigate the matter.”

He also encouraged the children to be smart and responsible shoppers.

“Ask questions at the point of sale. And when I say that I mean when you go in, you see they have something on sale and you were viewing it some days back and it cost like $300 and you happen to pop by the store and you see it’s dropped down to $100 or $90 you gotta ask yourself some kind of question as to why it dropped from $300 down to $90. There has to be something wrong with it,” Fough added.

The theme for this year’s Consumer Rights Awareness Week is “Helping Consumers Choose Healthy Diets”.

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