Cop killed in jailbreak and two ministers on Trinidad Independence honours list

Port of Spain, Trinidad — Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Dookeran and Labour Minister Errol McLeod will receive the country’s highest award, the Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, as the twin-island republic marks its 53rd anniversary of Independence today.

Police Constable Sherman Maynard, who was fatally shot when inmates Allan “Scanny” Martin, Christopher “Monster” Selby and Hassan Atwell broke out of the Port of Spain Prison last month, will also be posthumously honoured with the Humming Bird Medal (Bronze) for loyal and devoted service to Trinidad and Tobago.

The three were among 33 named to receive honours at this evening’s Independence Day award ceremony.

Dookeran, founder and former leader of the Congress of the People (COP) which is part of the ruling People’s Partnership alliance, will receive his award for distinguished contributions in economics.

Dookeran, who earlier this year announced that he was stepping down from active politics, was an economics lecturer for 15 years at the University of the West Indies, served as a senior economist at the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, was a member of the executive board of the Inter-American Development Bank, and was also the governor of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Development Bank.

McLeod, who led the Oilfield Workers Trade Union for about 20 years, will receive his award for outstanding service in trade unionism and industrial relations.

He was a founding member of the United Labour Front and political leader of the Movement for Social Justice.

The full list of awardees is below:

The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

1. Mr. Winston Chandarbhan Dookeran—Economist— Economics

2. Mr. Errol Kelvin McLeod—Minister of Labour/Former Trade Unionist—Trade Unionism

The Chaconia Medal (Gold)

1. Mrs. Daphne Bartlett—Businesswoman – Business

2. Mr. Selby Wilson—Telecommunications Strategist/former Minister of Finance—National Service

3. Mr. Reynold Cooper—Retired Permanent Secretary/Head of the Public Service—Public Service

4. Mr. Victor Emmanuel Mouttet—Managing Director – Business

The Chaconia Medal (Silver)

1. Dr. Vincent David Lasse—Chairman, PTSC— Community Service

The Humming Bird Medal (Gold)

1. Dil-E-Nadan – Orchestra—Culture

2. Bro. Harrypersad Maharaj— President of the Inter-Religious Organisation (IRO)—Religion

3. Mr. Noble Salahudin Ahamad Khan—Former IRO President—Community Service

4. Mr. Dwayne John Bravo—Cricketer—Sport

5. Mr. Karran Nancoo—Justice of the Peace— Community Service

6. Professor Dilip Dan—Medical Practitioner—Medicine

Humming Bird Medal (Silver)

1. Mr. Fred “Composer” Mitchell—Calypsonian—Culture

2. Mr. Victor Hart—Retired Chartered Quantity Surveyor—Community Service

3. Mr. Kelwyn Norman Hutcheon—Retired Pharmaceutical Manager—Culture

4. Mr. Andrew “Lord Superior” Marcano—Calypsonian—Culture

5. Professor Christopher Francis—Professor in Martial Arts—Culture

6. Mr. Anthony “All Rounder” Hendrickson—Calypsonian—Culture

7. Mrs. Sharlene Flores—Parang Singer—Culture and Music

Humming Bird Medal (Bronze)

1. Mr. Jason Vincent—Banker—Sport

2. Master Kal-El Joel Maxwell Alleyne—Pre-Schooler—Bravery/Gallantry

3. Private Fernando Smith—Soldier—Bravery/Gallantry

4. Sub Lieutenant Edric Hargreaves—Military Officer—Bravery/Gallantry

5. Police Constable Sherman Gabriel Maynard (Posthumous)—Police Officer—Bravery/Gallantry

Public Service Medal of Merit (Gold)

1. Mrs. Majorie Wooding (Posthumous)—Educator—Education

2. Mrs. Pearl Telemaque—Educator—Education

3. Ms. Sheilah Solomon (Posthumous)—UNESCO Ambassador—National Service

4. Dr. Jefferson Davidson—Retired Public Servant—Public Service

5. Ms. Alison Lewis—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

6. Ms. Christine Mary Sookram—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

7. Dr. Ellis Burris—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

8. Mrs. Gloria Edwards-Joseph—Retired Director Personnel Administration—Public Service

9. Ms. Margaret Farray—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

10. Ms. Magaret Parillon—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

11. Ms. Myrna Thompson—Retired Permanent Secretary—Public Service

Public Service Medal of Merit (Silver)

1. Dr. Victor Clement Quesnel (Posthumous)—Retired Plant Biologist—Research

Medal for the Development of Women (Gold)

1. Dr. Sherene Kalloo—Obstetrician/Gynaecologist — Medicine

2. The Rape Crisis Society—Non-Governmental Organisation—National Service Organisation

3. Mrs. Catherine Rukmini Kumar—CEO, T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce—Business

4. Mrs. Pearl Gopaul—Educator/Therapist—Health Care

5. Ms. Gillian Nicole Wall—Co—founder/ Member of the Powerful Ladies of Trinidad and Tobago (PLOTT)— Women’s Affairs

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