Cops step up efforts; Condor condemns bus robbery

ZIZ News…Nov. 15, 2010 – Police investigations continue into the robbery of a tour bus on Sunday morning.

According to Inspector Vaughn Henderson they are concentrating their operations in the area where the incident occurred. He says they are conducting stop and search operations and following leads to possible suspects.

He calls the robbery an unprecedented incident and is asking tour operators and persons in general to be extremely vigilant while the police are working to “root out the perpetrators of this senseless and dastardly act of violence”.

Inspector Henderson is also urging people to take basic steps and precautions, such as ensuring they use roads and routes that are not poorly lit, and are frequented by other vehicles.

He says that if you are in a remote area do not leave your vehicle to remove unusual blockages from roads.

And we caught up with minister of national security the Hon Sam Condor at a regional security meeting this morning.

He said this is the first time anything like this has ever happened, but even one time is once too much. He says the robbery is on the table to be addressed.

Minister condor also applauded Carlton Dupont for helping the tourists after their ordeal.

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