Court Disregards Injunction

MarleneCarter-1f(ZIZ News) — It has been an eventful day for Attorneys representing the Government and the country’s opposition on Tuesday 27th January 2015, Justice Marlene Carter ruled that the injunction, which prohibited the change of electoral boundaries in St. Kitts-Nevis, be discharged.

The High Court in Basseterre convened at 2pm and politicians, political commentators, journalists and curious members of the electorate saturated the room in anticipation of the judgement.

Following the decision, Counsel for the applicants, Douglas Mendes, asked that Justice Carter grant a limited injunction pending an appeal. Attorney Mendes stated clearly that his team was prepared to file the relevant documents by Wednesday morning.

Attorneys Dr. Henry Browne QC and Sylvester Anthony represented the respondents who are the Boundaries Commission and Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas. They said that the respondents were seeking to delay the pending general elections by way of an injunction and therefore asked the judge to uphold her decision.

Meantime, a large crowd of persons, mostly dressed in red, had assembled in the nearby Independence Square.

Just before 4pm, Justice Carter announced that she would be taking some time to make a final decision.

Court reconvened at 4:25pm and it was announced that her ruling stands and the injunction would not be extended.

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