CPS edges out EPPS

FootballFilePhotoBSports Page — It was a tough game and both teams had clear chances and messed up. Coach for the Charlestown Primary School, Elquemedo Willet, described the efforts of his team on the day as ‘Crappy!’

He however blamed the strong windy conditions and the uneven nature of the playing surface as possible reasons for the substandard play.

This as the action continued in the Giant Malt Primary School Football league on Nevis.

This matchup was between the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary school and the Charlestown Primary school and was played at the EPPS grounds at the Flats in Cole Hill.

The Charlestown Primary strikers had some clear cut chances, but on at least five occasions, did not strive to get close to the goal and peeled off some off target right booters.

There was one clear opportunity for the EPPS team in the first half as well. The goal keeper was caught going the wrong way as the ball was released and with a virtually open goal, the ball passed just inches from the upright.

The groans of the EPPS supporters were probably heard from miles away!

In the second half, however, a blunder in the EPPS’ defense created just enough space for one of the CPS strikers to break through and slam home a critical and what proved to be a deciding goal.

The final score line: CPS 1 EPPS 0

The goal scorer for CPS was Jalden Myers.

Today’s game will be an A division fixture as the IWPS team engages the JLPS team at the Flats in Cole Hill. Game time is 1.30 pm.

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