Crime Prevention High On The Police Force Agenda

Basseterre, St. Kitts, September 4, 2020 (ZIZ News):Preventing crime is high on the agenda of the Police as is solving it, but the role of the individual in securing their personal items, homes and businesses is a very important one when it comes to prevention.

On Thursday’s episode of “Policing With You” Host, Inspector Alrick Edwards, was joined by the Head of the Criminal Investigation Department, Inspector James Francis, to share information about how persons can protect themselves and their property.

As it pertains to avoiding robberies, Inspector Francis advised that persons be mindful of their surroundings.

“They need to plan a route, it is important. You going partying or going out, you should plan a route back home, avoid shortcuts, it’s very important and be aware of our surroundings.”

He also advised that persons put their things in a more secured location to avoid theft.The Inspector spoke of how persons can secure their premises against burglary.

“The police is saying that you must take your personal security serious with reference to your premises, now when you’re home and you’re at the front lock your back door, you’re at the back lock your front door,” he added, “cut down your bushes, some people have high bushes around the perimeters of their premises and keep it pruned and low. Put burglar bars on your window, it’s a deterrent, you’re hardening your premises from becoming a target, add security cameras.”

Inspector Francis mentioned that it is important for law enforcement to consistently engage the general public on the topic of safety and security in an effort reduce complacency among persons in the federation.

“Policing With You” airs every Thursday on ZIZ radio at 9:15am during the “Morning Show”.

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