Crop Production Officers At Department Of Agriculture Undergo Extension Training

Crop Production Officers at the Department of Agriculture (DOA) St. Kitts, are currently participating in an ongoing Extension Training programme that is being held in collaboration with Caribbean Chemicals.

The training module is expected to train the DOA extension on the use of old and new products, impart basic principles of crop production and crop protection as well as cover topics on Soil Fertility and Fertilizer Technology, Mechanical Technology and Hydroponics.

Other topics include: Understanding Foliar Fertilizers, Bio stimulants, Soil Ameliorants and their Mechanisms of Action, Common Insect Pests of SKN and Strategies For Control as well as Common Microbial Pests of SKN and Strategies for Control.

The crop Production extension training is also designed to equip the officers with the knowledge needed to enhance production ahead of the upcoming planting season.

This virtual training is expected to be completed over a 6-week period.


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