Cruise Destinations Must Adapt

ZIZNews—23rd July, 2013–A tourism consultant says destinations need to adapt to visitor tastes if they want to grown.

Beth Kelly Hatt, director of Aquila Centre for cruise excellence told tourist stakeholders that visitor expectations have changed significantly over the years.

Miss Hatt said “people liked to just go on a bus and see things but today people want to do a lot more. They wanna really experience the destination. They wanna meet the locals…they want service to be a lot better.”

She says although the cruise passengers are only here a few hours, that’s all the time they need to decide whether or not to return.

“I know sometimes you say they’re only here six or seven or eight hours but really so many people, especially in the Caribbean look at cruise and say ‘I love this island. I wanna come back’ and then they’ll come back and go into a hotel for a week” says Tourism consultant Miss Hatt.

Miss Hatt suggests looking at other destinations and what they have to offer and determining what unique experience St. Kitts-Nevis can provide.

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