CSS/Nevis Sixth Form College Valedictorians thank Parents and Teachers

(ZIZ News)– The staff, parents and guardians of the 2014 graduating class of the Charlestown Secondary School and Nevis Sixth Form College came in for high praise, this week, during the institution’s graduation ceremony.

As is customary, the three top students were allowed to deliver valedictory speeches.

Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams

Chloe Williams, Valedictorian for the Nevis Sixth Form College and the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination [CAPE], shared her thoughts on the significance of the graduation exercise.

She said, “Today is not about me as an individual. It’s not about you as an individual. Don’t get me wrong, we should be so proud of our accomplishments and shining with such pride that persons over on St. Kitts have to cover their eyes from the glare, but, what we should be trying to accomplish today, is to celebrate and recognise our achievements as a collective body.”

She added, “We should reflect on the work that we put in, consider with heartfelt gratitude the time, money and effort put in by our parents, teachers and other persons in society. That should be what is on the forefront of our minds today as you smile, turn your tassel, collect your awards and pose for the camera.”

Brianna Brantley
Brianna Brantley

During her speech, Brianna Brantley who represented the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate [CSEC] students, praised the institution’s teachers for their commitment to the students.

“If we believe that the best way to teach or to mould is by example, then on behalf of the fifth form graduating class of 2014, I extend a heartfelt thank you to all our exemplars: our teachers and the administrative staff of CSS who guided us on this upward trek,” Brantley said.

Ochanta Parris was the top Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence [CCSLC] student. She made an exciting presentation which was well received.

“Fellow graduants, this evening marks an important point in our life. The singer Tarrus Riley puts it best in his song ‘My Day’. This is truly our day. We can do what we want to; this is our time, we can use it any way we want to; this is our life and we are responsible for every action. This is our day, our time and our life. I hope we all choose to use our life and our time wisely,” she said.

The Charlestown Secondary School and Nevis Sixth Form College graduated 168 students on Wednesday at the Charlestown Methodist Church.

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