CTU Secretary General calls for more education for consumers

Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union, Bernadette Lewis

ZIZ NEWSROOM, BASSETERRE, JUNE 14, 2011 – The Secretary General of the Caribbean Telecommunications Union says telecommunication firms need to educate consumers more about the products they provide.

Speaking at the ICT Roadshow on the weekend, Bernadette Lewis said for example people tend to want to buy the latest, greatest phones.

She says consumers need to be informed so that they can buy a phone that suits their lifestyle and use the features of any phone that they purchase.

“We are seeing ordinary people, walking around with the high end, latest, greatest, Blackberry, for example, and all they’re doing is making telephone calls. So my thing is that I would like to see more education in terms of helping people maximize the features,” she said

She says this type of education will help everyone make technology a more useful part of their everyday lives.

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