Cuba Establishes Health Fee For Arriving Passengers

Basseterre, St. Kitts, November 26, 2020 (Ministry of Foreign Affairs): The Ministry of Finance and Prices of Cuba has established a health fee for international health control services carried out by public health authorities in international airports, seaports, and marinas throughout Cuba.

The November 14, 2020 Resolution [No. 293-2020] is based on the “International Health Regulations” to which Cuba is a party. The new rules now require all persons who arrive in the national territory, to pay US$30 or its equivalent in other freely convertible currency to the state.

The government of Cuba says funds collected from this fee will help to defray costs associated with the application of hygienic-sanitary measures to ensure the safety of persons who arrive in the national territory. Likewise, the resolution establishes that the crew of vessels or aircrafts whose stay in the territory is less than 24 hours will be exempted from paying the fee. The resolution also provides for air carriers, shipping companies, and owners of recreational and other vessels to execute payment of corresponding fees for their passengers and crew through airport, port or marina operators and ship agents when applicable.

For specific information related to Resolution No. 293-2020 persons can visit the Ministry of Finance and Prices Cuba website at

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