Cuba says US vote at UN was disappointing

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said, in New York, that the no vote by the US against the Cuban resolution demanding the lifting of the economic embargo on the island does not fit in with Washington’s discourse about working to lift the measure. He described the event as disappointing.

“You would expect to see tangible facts in the enforcement of the policy announced by President Barack Obama, active actions at the US Congress on this issue and a vote consistent with the US international legal obligations, but this did not happen and it is disappointing,” the Foreign Minister noted.

Rodriguez spoke to reporters shortly after the international community condemned the over-50-year US economic, commercial and financial embargo of Cuba, with 191 out 193 UN member states voting in favour of the Cuban resolution demanding the end of the US’s hostile Cuba policy, only the United States and Israel voted against.

This has been the 24th occasion that the overwhelming majority of the world community has voted against the US embargo since 1992.

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