Culturama Pageants’ launch

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis, June 18, 2011 – Contestants contesting the coveted Culturama pageants titles, Ms Culture Queen, Ms Culture Swimwear and the reinstated Mr. Kool titles were officially launched on Friday.

The Chair of the Culturama pageants’ sub-committee Nichole Williams Lawrence told a large crowd that the popular Mr Kool Competition with a revised format has been re-introduced.


“We have twinned the competition with the Ms Culture Swimwear Pageant. We will feature 4 competitors in the Mr Kool Contest along with 4 contestants in the Ms Swimwear Pageant. We will also feature 6 young ladies in the Ms Culture Queen pageant,” she said.

The 2011 Ms Culture Queen Pageant contestants are – Miss Lime – Irvincia Warner, Ms Nevis Culturama Committee – Franale Holder, Ms Coastal Air Transport – Pamela Diaz, Ms Carib Brewery St Kitts-Nevis Ltd – Blondell Davis, Ms Development of St. Kitts and Nevis – Santonnya Mills and Ms Nevis Culturama Development Foundation – Jascur Hobson. They were introduced to the audience by Halstead “Sooty” Byron, the Adviser, Ministry of Culture. They were introduced to the audience by reigning Miss Culture Queen, Verna Grant.

2011 Miss Culture Queen contestants

2011 Ms Swimwear Pageant Contestants are – Ms Coury’s Wholesale – Kereece Archibald, Ms Lime – Sidamo Jones, Ms Nagico Insurance Co. Ltd – Kimani “Mitchelette” Mills and Ms Carib Brewery St. Kitts and Nevis Ltd – Viola Chapman. They were introduced to the audience by the reigning Ms Swimwear Ms Alsanarda Hanley.

Ms Swimwear Contestants

Mr Kool competitors

Mr Kool competitors are – Jamal Jean-Jacques, Quinnito Griffin, Nadaski Percival, Adrean Joseph. They were introduced to the audience by Ms Calette James.

“The 2011 Ms Culture Pageants sub-committee has declared that this season gives credence to the fact that as a people we are resilient, optimistic and determined and so we have designed two pageants that will provide both the participants and the spectators with an opportunity to escape from the global fears and worry into an atmosphere of fun, laughter, hope and joy.”

“Talent and Beauty…Unstoppable” is the theme of the Ms Culture Swimwear and Mr Kool Contest and both will be held on Sunday July 24, 2011 and will include 4 segments with 3 judged segments:The Ms Culture Swimwear will feature One-piece swimwear, two-piece swimwear and creative wear for a total of 150 points.

The Mr. Kool Competition will feature swimwear, physical sportswear and creative swimwear also for a total of 150 points. The contestants will be judged on physical fitness, personality and modeling skills. The creative wear segments is designed as a fantasy segment using themes such as Ship Ahoy, Wild Mas, Jungle Fever, Out of Africa, and Festival Jamboree.

The Ms Culture Queen Pageant under the theme of resilience…determination and optimism is slated for Sunday July 31, 2011 comprises 5 segments with 4 judged segments: Nevis Cultural wear, talent, evening wear and interview for a total of 240 points. The interview and talent segments will be worth an equal number of points. The interview will feature a general information question from her bio and another about her career goals and aspirations.

The contestants will be judged on personality, presentation skills and intelligence. The evening wear segment will be a glamour evening wear as seen in most international pageants.

The 2011 Ms Culture Pageants sub-committee has also produced a series of activities to give the contestants the maximum exposure to develop their confidence and public image in preparation for the pageants.

On Wednesday June 22, 2010 at 8 p.m at the Pinney’s Beach Hotel the Ms Culture Pageants Sub-Committee will be hosting an event dubbed Pageantry: MY Voice where the contestants in the Mr Kool, Ms Culture Swimwear and Miss Culture Queen pageants will be formally sashed by their sponsors and provide their audience with a talent preview in messages that speak to the empowerment of young people in the form of poetry, song and dance.

On Thursday July 7, 2011 beginning at 8 pm at Rumours Bar and Grill the contestants in the Ms Culture Swimwear and Mr Kool will be featured in a live interview and on Thursday July 14 at 8 pm at the Nisbett Plantation Beach Club the Miss Culture Queen contestants will be featured in another live interview.

On Sunday July 10, 2011 from 5 – 7 pm at the cultural Complex all the participants Mr Kool Competiton, Ms Culture Swimwear and the Ms Culture Queen pageants are going to treat you to a grand fashion show. The fashion show will feature the designs of the local and regional designers.

The members of the 2011 Ms Culture Pageants sub-committee are – Janelle Archibald, Calette James, Paul Challenger and Jermaine Bartlette. “They must be commended for their hard work, passion and dedication,” Mrs Lawrence said.

She further said, “This year, we extend heartfelt thanks to all the sponsors, chaperones, and well wishers for their uncompromising commitment to the 2011 Ms Culture Pageants. We urge the public to get involved, support the contestants especially in the activities and to have a safe and happy Culturama.”

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