Culturama Secretariat launches C42, introduces contestants

NIA — Chairman of the Nevis Culturama Committee Deborah Tyrell praised the founders of the Culturama festival and the patrons for Culturama 2016 as groups who take a chance to create something they believe in and in so doing, leave behind legacies for all Nevisians to enjoy.

Tyrell was at the time delivering remarks at the launch of Culturama 42 (C42) and the introduction of contestants at the Charlestown Waterfront on June 17, 2016. The theme for this year’s festival is “Celebrating the Old! Showcasing the New! Culturama 42!”

“As we celebrate the old and showcase the new, let us remember the founders, NEDACS, with praise. We remember too our patrons for this year, the Soul Survivors Band.

“Both of these groups took a chance to make something they believed in and in doing so, NEDACS has left us a festival and Soul Survivors left us music that made us happy not only through its rhythm and melodies, but because it was music that came from us,” she said.

The Culturama 42 chairman underscored the festival’s importance, citing that it is a festival which represents all Nevisians, binding them together as they showcase and celebrate their culture. She said it also brings strangers and families together while building pride in each other and by extension the community because Culturama is every Nevisian.

Tyrell used the opportunity to thank the other members of the committee for their unwavering support, hard work and volunteerism in an effort to deliver the best of Nevisian culture and at the same time, meets with the public’s approval.

She said she is honoured to serve as chair of the committee and recognises the responsibility that comes with the role.

Tyrell also noted that the contestants’ participation in the various pageants would bring with it a positive turning point in their lives.

“The preparation they will undergo for the three or four hours that the audience will see them will have a profound impact on their lives and those with whom they come into contact.

“After an experience like this the contestants will know themselves better, be more confident, be more willing to take a chance and as we forge into this millennium, show more willingness to create life-changing opportunities,” she said.

According to Tyrell, the participants for 2016 Miss Culture Queen Pageant are: Phillichar Hobson, Clayticia Daniel, Xarriah Browne and Perla Gumbs.

The 2016 Miss Swimwear contestants are: Merv-Ann Thompson, Nicola Clarke, Kyla Morton, Kimiko Liburd and Shariezelle Belle.

There are four contestants for the 2016 Mr. Kool Contest – Monique Jeffers, Shenroy Joseph, Denville Francis and De Syl Hamilton

While the Mr. and Miss Talented Youth Pageant contestants will come from the Charlestown, Elizabeth Pemberton, Ivor Walters, Joycelyn Liburd, St. James’ and St. Thomas’ Primary schools, the Nevis Academy and the Maude Crosse Preparatory School.

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