Culture enthusiast wants to revive Kittitian folklore

(ZIZ) As carnival activities officially end culture enthusiast, Winston “Zack” Nisbett, is confident that all of our Kittitian folklore can be revived.

Nisbett says that he hopes to bring back our dying cultural art forms because it is undeniably our culture.

“All of the culture in St Kitts could be revived trust me I believe if I get the opportunity to be an integral part we would be able to bring back things like the drawing the spear, David And Goliath, Children Of Israel, the Neaga Business, the Sagwa, these are the things that need to come back because it’s our culture,” he said.

Nisbett says Kittitian folklore is important to our cultural and historic affairs and shapes our cultural identity.

“It’s our culture; it’s the real thing and it gives the sort of creativity to the arts it brings back the sort of blend to our Kittitian folklore and it brings out a true culture which is our identity,” he said.

Nisbett hopes to impart his knowledge to the youth and currently works with children under the age of 12.

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