Culture Queen Ice-breaker this weekend

CHARLESTOWN, Nevis. July 26, 2010 – Contestants vying for the coveted title of Nevis Miss Culture Queen will appear in a two piece swimwear during the ice breaker when the 2010 Miss Culture Queen pageant is held at 8 p.m at the Nevis Cultural Complex on Sunday August 1 according to a statement made by the pageant’s coordinator Mrs Nichole Williams Lawrence.

She also revealed that popular Sugar Bowl will be the Miss Culture Queen pageant MC.

She said the sub-committee has a lot in store for those who come to the show on time. The show’s theme is “I am Woman”.

Mrs Lawrence also spoke about the show’s format in her press statement. Contestants are required to present a promotional speech about their sponsors,

The talent appearance is designed to showcase the talents of the contestants with a view to encourage the development of their talents. The Talent segment is an integral part of the competition. In this segment contestant should incorporate elements of the Nevisian culture in whatever talent performance the contestant exhibits.

Contestants are required to display a floor length or ankle length gown that is designed and made locally.

The contestants will be required to participate in a brief interview with question based on their platform and current events. The interview will be conducted immediately the presentation of their Evening Wear.

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