Customs Hosts Brokers Training Programme

(ZIZ News) — Friday wrapped up a 3-day Customs Brokers Training workshop at OTI’s Conference room that focused on topics such as International Trade Sanctions, Border Control & Agency Functions and the Valuation of goods.

Customs Officer Damian Walters gave an overview of the workshop.

“The course is basically a broker training program where it brings brokers up to speed or reinforces certain principles that are used in course of Customs business. For example, valuation, international trade policies. The whole idea behind it is that we want brokers just like Customs officers to have the same level of knowledge and experience when conducting Custom businesses so that processes can be a lot smoother and a lot more efficient”, Walters said.

Permanent Secretary in The Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Charleton Edwards explained that the training can offer knowledge to brokers across the Federation.

“Well what we have recognized with the advent of globalization and the number of bilateral trade agreements that we have signed on to, our brokers could be disadvantaged if they are not properly prepared to compete. Competitiveness is one of the areas that the ministry is working on to make sure that our citizens can benefit”, the Permanent Secretary stated.

The April 27-29 workshop was aimed at enhancing the capacity of Customs Brokers to improve the efficiency of the trade and business environment in both St. Kitts and Nevis.

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