Customs implements new procedures, caters to importers of personal goods

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, 13 DECEMBER 2012 (Customs PRO) – The Customs and Excise Department has implemented new temporary measures that are designed to greatly assist importers of personal cargo into the Federation during this Christmas season.

The Department has established a new facility in the Shed II Warehouse, Bird Rock, which caters to the processing of personal entries and declarations and the payment of all port fees and duties payable. This temporary measure helps the importers of personal cargo to have their goods processed more quickly, while ensuring that all safety and security requirements are met.

The temporary window caters only to importers of food and personal effects and will not accommodate the importation of vehicles and building materials and those entries granted import concessions. Importers of the latter items will be processed with the commercial importers at the Long Room.

The aim of the facility is twofold. “Our desire is to improve the customer service experience of the Christmas importers who often complain about the long lines and other stressful experiences they encounter during this most hectic period,” said Larry Vaughan, Public Relations Officer and Customer Service Representative of the Customs and Excise Department.

Secondly, the Department continues to explore innovative means to fulfil its mandate of facilitating the smoother flow of trade. “We are considering every means that would make the process of importing goods easier. This revised process reduces the barriers to importation, for the individual importer,” said Mr. Jevon Gumbs, Assistant Comptroller of Customs with responsibility for Operations.

Importers with completed entries can follow this simple process of a.) have goods evaluated by a Customs Officer, b.) pay port dues at Port cashier, c.) pay duties payable to Customs cashier, then d.) collect gate pass and leave with goods.

The Customs and Excise Department wishes everyone a Merry Christmas as we endeavour to make this a stress-free season for all importers.

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