Customs launches 8th CCLEC Junior Officers Basic Training Course

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, JANUARY 31, 2012 (Customs PRO) – Twenty-four Junior Officers of the St. Kitts and Nevis Customs and Excise Department and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise Department of Montserrat are undergoing eight weeks of intense training in 8th Annual Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council’s(CCLEC) Junior Officer Basic Training Course.

The course was officially launched and declared open, on Sunday January 29 with an opening ceremony at the Spice Mill Restaurant, Cockleshell Bay, by Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas who praised the youthful exuberance of the department and commended the department’s leadership for its ongoing emphasis on training and human resource development.

Head Table at 8th CCLEC JOB Training Course Opening Ceremony (R-L) Deputy Comptroller of Customs, Georid Belle; Comptroller of Customs, Rodney Harris; Commissioner of Police, Celvin G. Walwyn; Prime Minister Douglas, Deputy Premier of Nevis, Hon. Hensley Daniel and Mrs. Daniel.

Prime Minister Douglas went further to emphasize that the youthfulness of the department is testimony that “there many young people in our nation who are law abiding citizens and who take seriously the growth and development of the nation”.

Commissioner of Police, Celvin G. Walwyn gave the Keynote Address where he admonished the trainees to adopt an attitude of excellence as “Excellence is a habit,” Walwyn said.

The top cop gave warning to all Customs Officers that effective border security dictates that each does his or her job mindful that the nation demands officers it can trust. “You have a duty to God and your country,” Walwyn said, “to avoid even a hint of suspicion”.

Trainees in classroom setting.

Assistant Comptroller Theodore Brown gave an overview of the course highlighting the three core aspects of the training exercise – the traveler environment, cargo/commercial goods and enforcement.

The topics to be covered in the course include Valuation, Classification, Risk Assessment, Legislation, Marksmanship Principles, Importance of the Bureau of Standards and Customer Service.

Participants of the 8th CCLEC Junior Officer Basic Training Course are Raynaldo Bradshaw, Travonne Bryant (Nevis), Janaie Browne, Nikita Buchanan, Ferris Charles, Gregory Davis, Kert Grant (Nevis), Kassall Greene, Jevon Gumbs, Sheldon Hobson (Montserrat), Dennicia Jeffers, Kiwannie Joseph, Delando Levine, Lisette Menzies (Montserrat), Arlene Mills, Brian Mills, Té’jhron Morris, Kevin Morton, Leon Natta-Nelson, Oswald Patrick, Clyde Rogers, Danika Simpson, Kimbell Warner (Nevis) and Laurecia Williams.

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