Customs Website Makes its Mark Globally

(ZIZ News) – The website of her Majesty’s Customs and Excise Department is said to be making an impact globally.

Based on the theme for customs week which is “Digital Customs: Progressive Engagement”, Clyve Caines said in the world, the customs website is ranked 15,262,615. In the United Kingdom the website is ranked 1,836,538, stating that while the country is small, it has made a significant global footprint.

Visitors of the website, according to Caines, “…go as far as Kenya and India to as near as Antigua and Barbuda with monthly visits of close to 2 thousand”

The website was launched in 2006 and Caines said it features very detailed bits of information including an overview of the Customs Department, as well as the customs legislation such as the customs act, #19 of 2014, the statutory rules and orders and tariff and duty information.

He said It also has the information relating to Asycuda World.

The Customs Department’s website can be accessed at

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