CWI Resumes Face-to-Face Meetings for First Time Since COVID-19

ST JOHN’S, Antigua (CMC) — Cricket West Indies (CWI) returned to official face-to-face meetings for the first time since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic with two major forums here last month, the regional cricketing body disclosed on Wednesday.

A board of directors’ meeting on March 10, a joint Board and Members’ Forum on Governance on March 11, and the 23rd annual general meeting (AGM) on March 12 were all in-person.

“The board has met remotely and frequently over the past two years, but these face-to-face interactions presented a tremendous opportunity for more thought-provoking and strategic exchanges,” CWI President Ricky Skerritt said.

The board of directors had met remotely on numerous occasions since the start of the pandemic. Among the key highlights of their deliberations at their third meeting of the year, on March 10, were the already-announced approval of regional cricket venues and match schedules for the remainder of 2022 and plans for the Emerging Players Academy at Coolidge Cricket Ground (CCG).

The board also received presentations on a robust fitness and medical action plan as well as an update on matters related to sponsorship and media rights.

The members’ forum on governance featured a presentation from internationally reputed governance expert, Dr Chris Bart of the Caribbean Governance Training Institute. Dr Bart’s presentation was themed ‘The Principles of Good Governance: What Every CWI Director Should Know’.

The governance forum was another step in CWI’s governance awareness and transformation process which is being coordinated by CWI’s Governance Transformation & Stakeholder Relations Standing Committee. The interactive and informative session generated intense discussions on the Wehby Report recommendations for the way forward.

The AGM gave directors and shareholder members the opportunity to receive the annual report on relevant cricket, financial and commercial matters and to ask related questions on local, regional, and international cricket.

Attendees received a tour of the 20-acre CCG property which has recently become the new home of CWI.

“I am happy that we were able to host the AGM at CCG, where all attendees were able to get a close look at the entire facility for the first time. I was especially pleased with the quality of learning and feedback that Dr Bart’s timely governance presentation generated at the Members Forum,” Skerrit said.

For the second year in succession, CWI published its annual report “in its continued effort to improve transparency and accountability to all stakeholders”, it said

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