CXC SBA Sports Day

On Friday, high school students put their organisational skills to the test as they took part in the CXC SBA Sports Day.

It’s a practical test for the fifth form students’ Physical Education CXC Exam that demonstrates their capabilities in organising sporting events.

Physical Education Teacher at the Washington Archibald High School, Everton Cannonier said this practical component has been a big hit with the students.

He said the instructors are “looking at leadership skills, teamwork, cooperation, knowledge of rules, the basics of what that person in that role should do.”

“We’re trying to change the face of physical education, it’s not just ‘come out and play’. It’s actually some sort of knowledge base also,” he said.

This past week, students had been responsible for staging basketball, volleyball and football competitions.

Rashimba St. Juste is the Competition Director for Volleyball. He told ZIZ Sports what he thought about the practical component to the Physical Education exams.

“I think that it actually helped us to see our capabilities; because, not only did we realize what we can do, in terms of organizing such a tournament but it helped us to work together as a team and bring off such a successful tournament,” he said.

A CXC representative will visit the school in the near future to conduct a second assessment.

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