DANCE WORKS…Successful

(Basseterre, St. Kitts April 17): “Fantastic”, “Awesome”, “Spectacular” are just a few of the words being used to describe “DANCE WORKS”. On Saturday April 14th, the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium was set ablaze with a burst of colour, rhythm and energy as the CFBC Dance Ensemble delivered an electrifying performance entitled “DANCE WORKS”. The group, forty strong, put exam preparations on hold in order to release an exciting fusion of piano and steel pan music, song, poetry and dance, all making for an enchanting evening. From the opening number, “On the Floor” to the finale “Make that Change”, the patrons, apparently hungry for this treat, applauded and sang along; some could even be seen swaying in their seats as they eagerly awaited each item. The CFBC Dance Ensemble did not disappoint. They effortlessly executed well choreographed pieces which dealt with various themes- assertiveness, disappointment, celebration, nostalgia and change.

The audience was visibly moved by a dance aptly dubbed “Inspired by Whitney”, a tribute to the fallen star, and by “Days of Slavery”, a piece vividly depicting the movement of the slave ship which brought our ancestors here. “Back Yard Celebration”, another brilliant dance and, clearly a crowd favourite, harkened back to the days of the “bath pan” used for the weekend laundry. This had the audience rocking as the accompanying music filled the air, the dancers themselves looking the part of washer women. “Insane”, another exciting item, evoked peals of laughter as the dancers moved like crazed patients on stage. The ghoulish “Nightmares” thrilled the audience as the dancers crawled around the stage in a stupor, sending chills through the audience. In fact, all of the items presented were of an extremely high standard.

The CFBC Dance Ensemble has proven that dance ‘works’ and it was clear that the audience wanted more. The range of dances showed the versatility of the Ensemble and spoke to the many hours of practice and hard work put in to create this masterpiece. It was indeed an exhilarating evening for which the organizers should be justly proud. Kudos goes to CFBC Lecturer Unoma Allen, the hilarious hostess, and to the Management Team comprising Candace Richards, Nekirah Nicholls, Donalene Roberts, Aldeen Isaac and Desi Brown. The Technical Crew, Back Stage Team and Front of House Personnel all did a splendid job. Miss Julie Martin, Lecturer, and Director of the CFBC Dance Ensemble as well as choreographers Ozelle Martin, Candace Richards, Alphonso Henry, Nekirah Nicholls, Krystal Glasford, Aldeen Isaac, Heidi Slack, Shara Lee Mourillon, Julie Martin and Desi Brown continue to raise the bar and must be commended for an excellent production.

The public wonders if there will be an encore!

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