DANCING THROUGH LIFE only one week away

ZIZ News…June 26 2012 — The Fireflies Dance School’s 7th Anniversary Dance Recital dubbed “DANCING THROUGH LIFE” will not only entertain dance lovers with well executed choreography but will also send a strong message about making the best of life, dancing through the rough patches with grace, power and strength, encouraging us all to just enjoy moving to the rhythm of life.

Director, Heidi Slack, and tutor, Kayla Farrell, are busy co-coordinating final rehearsals with the sixty five (65) dancers are they prepare for the much anticipated 7th July 2012 production. Performances include “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, an energetic Afro-Caribbean piece and “My Life is in your hands”, an emotionally charged Ballet-Lyrical dance. Eleven (11) dancers will be graduating from the school this year and they will perform “Hard Knock Life”, inspired by the Broadway musical, Annie.

Guest performances by The Children’s Dance Theatre, The CFBC Dance Ensemble, Creative Sole, D.A.N.C.E AND Rising Stars will complete the show and a high level of stage production is ensured.

The Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium is the venue for “DANCING THROUGH LIFE” scheduled to be held on Saturday July 7th 2012 at 6pm.

Fireflies’ Juniors, 2011 Recital, PLAYTIME Fireflies’ Intermediates at 2011 Recital, PLAYTIME
Fireflies’ Seniors, 2011 Recital, PLAYTIME Daddy-Daughter Dance, 2011 Recital, PLAY TIME
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