Daniel and Brantley square off on healthcare in Nevis

(ZIZ)– Former Deputy Premier and Minister of Health on Nevis, Hensley Daniel, has described the island’s current Deputy Premier and Health Minister The Honourable Mark Brantley as “frighteningly incompetent and woefully shallow”.

Speaking with ZIZ news on Wednesday, Daniel suggested that Brantley, who has served as Health Minister since January of 2013, is incapable of overseeing health-related issues.

“The callers to the programme have described him as clueless and helpless. I am speaking like this because while I was the Minister of Health, the policy direction came from the minister, which was me.”

In a release dated April 8th 2014 and issued by the Nevis Island Administration, Brantley is quoted as saying “I realise that health care is a very passionate subject. It’s something that attracts a lot of attention but I think our people sometimes need to drown out the noise and focus on the substance of what we’ve been trying to do.”

Notwithstanding, Daniel gave an overview of his administration’s immediate improvements to healthcare when it assumed office in July of 2006.

“The policy direction for me involved connecting human resources to the technology and marrying human resources to technology and providing tertiary services in health. With regard to services, we developed arrangements with Cuba for persons who needed medical attention which was not available in Nevis. The fourth area was environmental health,” he said.

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