Date set for Richard, Maureen and Hermitage: A Tribute, the latest book by the author of Rivers of Time

Ms. June Goodfield

ZIZ News…Dec 10, 2012 — This time round, June Goodfield, author of the internationally acclaimed, Rivers of Time, has marked the 50th wedding anniversary of Richard Lupinacci and his wife, Maureen, in a unique and extraordinary way.

Their Golden Anniversary, is preceded by a truly classic publication, authored by Goodfield. Richard, Maureen and Hermitage: A Tribute which will be launched at 4.30p.m. on December 21 at The Hermitage Plantation.

The book’s Preface states that this tribute is supported by their friends as a small gesture of love and thanks for what they have done for Nevis.

Mr and Mrs Lupinacci

In an extensively researched and beautifully illustrated publication, the author reveals many romantic historical facts throughout the centuries. She writes……”.Richard admits he was very serious about Maureen, even before she was serious for him. Within two months he knew she was the girl for him and on 27th December 1961, while they were sitting in front of a roaring fire, he told her he had something important to say: “I couldn’t tell her I loved her because I had said that before. I said I liked the way we were – that we were so much more than just the two of us and I knew that this was right. She agreed to take me on. Gosh, she was only about 17 then!”

As in Rivers of Time, Goodfield’s creative capacity to intertwine history with human interest enables her to depicts vividly the two families closely linked with Hermitage. “The Pemberton family is one of the oldest in England and now have descendants in many countries as far apart as America and Australia. One son arrived in Nevis around 1628. From then on the family remained on the estate for an unbelievable three hundred years and had a huge impact right across the island. From newly discovered documents, we can trace the remarkable and unique influence they had on Nevis,” Goodfield writes: ” in a saga that spans the whole range of human experience.

Mr and Mrs Pemberton

The Lupinaccis, of Italian, Irish, German and American descent, purchased Hermitage in 1971. So being forty two years down with a mere two hundred and fifty eight to go, they are well on the way to matching the Pemberton’s longevity!

Together they have made a huge contribution to those who live on Nevis and those who have visited. Separately they have made their own, equally distinguished impact. The publication records Richard’s numerous tireless commitments – to the hotel and tourism industry; the founding of flourishing institutions, such as the Bank of Nevis; The Nevis Historical and Conservation Society, the Turf & Jockey Club’s foundation.

Maureen’s achievements are equally a result of tireless commitment, not only to her family and to Hermitage – both of which are flourishing – but to artistic and cultural aspects, ranging from fashion shows, Xmas parties, concerts and artistic presentations.

Family & staff

However Goodfield is at great pains to emphasize the third element- namely the Nevisian staff, without whose work and devotion nothing would have been achieved. Surely Lovey Boddie must hold the island’s record for she has been with the Lupinaccis for forty years.

Finally of course, there is the Hermitage Plantation itself. The Pembertons established the place and without their long tenure the house could have been destroyed as many were. The Lupinaccis restored everything so beautifully and with such care that its Great Hall stands as the finest example of late 17th century Caribbean architecture, and is the only surviving room in a family house into which Horatio Nelson likely stepped.

There was a short interval between the two families and readers may be intrigued to learn that Isabel Byron, daughter of the late former Magistrate Cecil Byron, was born in the Hermitage. A Mr Clarke who owned the house at that time did not live there but rented it to Byron.

Ms Byron recalled how the Hermitage was at the time: “Above our bedroom was an attic – a not a real one but a space below the sloping roof. My parents used to entertain a lot. They often sent us upstairs to our beds but we wanted to stare at the guests, so we would go into this space between the roof and the bedroom and look down through the cracks. My mother would know we were there as dust would trickle down to the table where they were eating.”

Family Christmas

Ritchie Lupinacci recalls doing exactly the same when he, too, was a mischevious youngster.

Visitors to Nevis, potential tourists, residents on the island of Nevis and local Nevisians will find the book refreshingly attractive and illuminating.

This is the second time Goodfield has creatively and artistically condensed the history of Nevis by researching into the lives of two families. She has a way of bringing out the best of Nevis history under real space constraints, she combines rigorous research with popular writing and this is how she hopes to extend this work to other important estates we all know and love.

Reading this publication enables everyone to join in paying tribute to Richard and Maureen as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary .

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