Defending Champions Parsons squeeze narrow win over Saddlers in Constituency #7 Domino League

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, August 30, 2019 (PLP PR Media Inc.) — Defending champions in the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition, Parsons Domino Club of Constituency Number Six, held on to the lead position after squeezing a narrow 13-12 win over sister domino club, Saddlers, on Thursday August 29.

The two Constituency Number Six teams met at Shanty Bar in Saddlers Village, and as much as the home team fought tooth and nail to salvage their home pride, the marauding Parsons players who have a mission to accomplish – to prove that it was not by fluke that they won the championship last year – fought every move by the home team and at the end of the encounter returned to Parsons Ground with a 13-12 win.

Molineux Domino Club, who only recently found their winning strategy after losing a record five games in a row, handed Sylvers Domino Club a 13-8 beating in a game played at the Edgar Gilbert Sports Complex pavilion in Molineux. In the second game played at the same venue, Unstoppable Domino Club stopped former champions Unity Patriots Domino Club 13-9.

Christchurch Domino Club picked up an easy six points, and their fourth win, after Phillips Domino Club was a no-show for their expected encounter at the Edgar Gilbert Sports Complex pavilion.

This was the fifth successive no-show by a team that had earlier shocked domino game enthusiasts after they sensationally floored defending champions Parsons 13-6 at the champions’ home in Back Way Bar Parsons Ground on Tuesday July 30. The following week they travelled to Saddlers and flattened home team 13-6 in an encounter at Shanty Bar.

It has turned out that those two were the only wins they have registered as they suffered two defeats, one at the hands of Unstoppable (7-13), and a most humiliating defeat (0-13) handed over to them by Molineux in a delayed match that was held on Sunday August 18.

Having missed five consecutive games, and with the probability of missing the sixth one on Tuesday September 3, many are of the opinion that Phillips Domino Club has thrown in the towel, but are yet to officially communicate the fact.

Also on Thursday August 29, at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project, Guinness Domino Club beat Giants Domino Club 13-8.

After the ten segments of play in the first round of the 24th edition of the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League, Parsons lead with 39 points, followed by Unstoppable 38 points, Small Corner Bar 31 points, Guinness 31, Unity Patriots 30 points, Saddlers 30 points, Giants 24 points, Christchurch 24 points, Sylvers 23 points, Molineux 19 points, and Phillips 11 points.

Eleventh and final segment of play in the first round of this year’s edition of the domino competition will be on Tuesday September 3 at five venues. Defending champions Parsons will travel to Hidden Alley in Lodge Village, where at Tacky Bar they will face home team Sylvers. Unity Patriots will be at home in Cuban Bar in Lodge Project where they will face Christchurch.

Guinness will travel to Constituency Number Six where in Shanty Bar, Saddlers Village, they will be coming up against home team Saddlers. Giants will clash with Unstoppable at the Edgar Gilbert Sports Complex pavilion in Molineux, while Small Corner Bar will be at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project expecting to meet Phillips.

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