Delta opens fuelling facilities at Porte Zante

(ZIZ News) — Delta Petroleum signalled the opening of its fuelling service station located at Porte Zante with a ceremony on Friday.

Regional General Manager of Delta Petroleum, Bevis Sylvester outlined the services the fuelling station will be offering, stating, “We have dispensing from this point gasoline and diesel. We are dispensing in particular at this depot 91 octane gasoline for the marine gasoline boats and we are also number 2 low sulphur diesel.”

According to Sylvester, Delta’s plan is to reach every shore in the Caribbean.

He said Porte Zante is playing a major role in Delta’s plan to provide fuel to yachts in the region.

“We were in Porte Zante before and we are now back in Porte Zante and Porte Zante is a pivotal part of the region for us. In the BVI we get a lot of orders for mega-yachts passing this way that is not coming to BVI. Now that we have Porte Zante, we are now marketing Porte Zante as one of our loading hubs; St. Maarten, BVI and St. Kitts. So it’s a very good strategic move for us and we are happy that Porte Zante management allows us the opportunity to sign a contract,” he said.

Delta Petroleum is also now the official distributor for the NP brand of Super Stream fuel.

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