Department for Culture broadening its base

ZIZ News…Sept 2 2010 – “Register with St. Kitts Department of Culture and receive wonderful opportunities!”

According to a release, the department is asking interested persons to join its Network of Creative People and support the Business of Culture, Arts and Entertainment if you are an Artist in the Creative Industries, a Musician/Singer in the Entertainment Industry, a Performer in Theatre/Dance/Folkore, a Writer of Poetry, a Published Author, a Play-write/Screen Writer, Song Writer, Publish a Magazine/Newspaper/Blog, a Film Producer/Director, Set/Stage/Prop Designer, Painter, Photographer, Videographer, Video Editor, Graphics Designer, Heritage Preservationist, Archivist, Art Curator, Stage Manager, Artist Manager, Audio/Video/Lighting Specialist, Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist, Model, Clothing Stylist or provide support services to the Culture/Creative/Entertainment Industry (eg. Entertainment Lawyer, Intellectual Copyright, Talent Booking Agency, Art Gallery, Museum, etc…)

Department of Culture Services:
• Accreditation & Skills Certification of Artists, Cultural Technicians, etc…
• Entertainment & Creative Industry Tax Concessions
• Cultural Events Management & Coordination
• Community Festivals Technical/Financial Assistance
• Training Workshops; Dance, Folklore, Drumming, Music, Research & Documentation
• Artist Skills Development Workshops
• Folklore Groups Management
• Intangible Heritage Promotion & Preservation
• Intangible/Tangible Heritage Resource Library
• School Training Programs: Drumming, Music, String Instrument, recorders, fife etc…

Request an “Artist Registration Form”, fill it out and email it back to the department at Also, check the link and follow the activities of the St. Kitts Department of Culture.

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