Department Of Agriculture Hosts Annual Review And Planning Meeting

(ZIZ News) — The Department of Agriculture will be hosting its 21st Annual Review and Planning meeting on Tuesday at the Department of Agriculture conference room.

ZIZ sat down with the Department of Agriculture’s Communication Officer, Kevin Jeffers, who said that the meeting is a review of the previous year that helps with the development of the sector.

“This meeting basically, we do review from 2015, the previous year and then we do our work plan for the next, the upcoming year this is 2016. At this meeting we’ll have speech from the Director of Agriculture will give his 2015 review then we’ll have a guest speaker from the Industry of Commerce, Mr. Hobson” Jeffers noted.

Jeffers went on to explain that the meeting would be most beneficial to farmers and other Agriculture stakeholders.

“I want to just encourage and welcome all stakeholders, famers especially, we want the farmers them to come out Tuesday 23rd, that’s tomorrow eight-thirty we starting. It will be whole day meeting so probably like three, four o clock we’ll get out. So farmers come out, air your views because we listening to you, you listening to us and we definitely want to make the agricultural sector move forward”

The theme for this year’s meeting is “Engendering Resilience to Deal with Global Realities.”

Minister of Agriculture, The Honourable Eugene Hamilton will make a presentation on the policies and objectives of the ministry.

The Water Department, Customs and Excise Department and the Industry and Commerce Unit will also make presentations.

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