Department of Co-operatives staff motivated by Minister Evelyn’s visit, says PS Rattan

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, September 8, 2020 (MMS-SKN) — Members of staff at the Department of Co-operatives are grateful to have had an opportunity to meet and hold discussions with the new Minister of Environment and Co-operatives, the Hon Eric Evelyn, who paid them a visit on Friday, September 4 at their offices in LaGuerite, Basseterre.

“Our meeting on Friday with the Department of Co-operatives was about having the minister interact with the staff and help us to set where our direction is as we now have a new minister, and as we also go forward to prepare for estimates 2021,” said Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Mrs Sharon Rattan, who accompanied the minister.

According to Mrs Rattan, preparation for estimates is a very critical exercise, one which they believe that all levels of the department, the minister, and the permanent secretary should be a part of. With a new minister and a new permanent secretary, staff members were happy to share with them to help to shape the direction of the Department of Co-operatives.

“Every individual was happy to have new fresh breath of air come to them,” said Permanent Secretary Rattan. “There is motivation and there is energy, and I think the minister and I complement each other. We have the same level of energy, and he is very supportive and I am supportive to him equally.”

Registrar of Co-operatives My Clyde Thompson, who was also at the meeting, observed that Minister Eric Evelyn who took time to formally meet and hold discussions with the staff was very frank, cordial and was clear with his vision for co-operatives

“From coming out of the discussions I can say his purpose really was to motivate the staff of the Department of Co-operatives and give them a clear vision of where he wants co-operatives to go,” said Mr Thompson.

The Registrar of Co-operatives added: “He has pledged his support and support of his ministry and at the end of it all, I as the registrar I feel very motivated on the presentation from the Hon Eric Evelyn, and I think we had clear understanding of what he is looking forward to.”

The minister spoke to them about promoting the sector, people being committed to task and being productive, and wherever the co-operative societies are today and tomorrow and that he wants to see them move forward and to be successful.

“Because of the work we would have done together as the Department of Co-operatives and also with the members of co-operatives, he expects to get a united approach teamwork going forward within the sector and he expects the Department of Co-operatives to be a motivational force going forward,” stated Mr Thompson.

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