Department of Culture hosts dance workshop

(ZIZ News) — In a joint effort to sharpen the skills of teachers and instructors in the Performing Arts field, The Department of Culture has teamed up with The Edna Manley Visual and Performing Arts College in Jamaica to host a dance workshop.

The sessions are being held at The Youth and Community Centre at Victoria Road.

The Assistant Director at the Edna Manley College Marlon Simms gave an overview of the dance workshop.

“I’m here to work with the ministry of Culture working on a workshop targeting teachers of dance at whatever level. Whether it be Kindergarten, Primary or Secondary school or Tertiary level or persons who conduct their own workshops or studio groups,” he said.

“The workshop runs for approximately two weeks and I have participants who are teachers who stay with me for about two hours each day where they get exposed to technical training as well as teaching methodologies in dance”, Simms stated.

Simms also said he was happy with the support received so far.

“The support has been tremendous. On average there are about 18 or 20 persons per class. There is a Master class that runs from 7:30 to 9pm and it’s just a group of extraordinary group of talented Kittitians. It’s probably close to about fifty students and they are vibrant and excited. It has been an extraordinary experience”, he added.

Tutor at The Youth Outreach Dance Ministry Dezarnique Hodge and Co-Dance Tutor at the Children’s Dance Theatre, Roberitine Webbe described their experience at the workshop.

Hodge said, “I have learnt a lot. I have also improved on my body”. I have learnt different exercises that I will be able to take back to my students and help them develop strong pointing and flexing abilities”, she added.

“So far I love it. However, it is a bit challenging but I am enjoying it as it goes, Webbe expressed.

The 2 week Dance Workshop ends on Wednesday June 22.

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