Deputy Prime Minister Hamilton Salutes Agencies Involved in Positively Transforming Boys

Basseterre, St. Kitts, May 17, 2022 (SKNIS): Government and non-governmental agencies were highly commended for their work in positively transforming young boys in St. Kitts and Nevis as the nation observed World Day of the Boy Child on May 16, 2022.

During a national address to mark the observance, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Social Development and Gender Affairs, the Honourable Eugene Hamilton, noted that boys face many challenges in today’s world. He indicated that statistical data tells us that males have shorter life spans, are less likely to seek medical attention, have lower literacy rates, and are more likely to drop out of primary and secondary schools.  Many of our males suffer from mental illnesses and are more prone to violence and substance abuse.  Males also comprise the highest number of persons sentenced to prison.

“Our boys need our help,” the Deputy Prime Minister stated as he referenced the theme: Boys Under Construction. “I commend the Department of Gender Affairs and the work that they have been doing along with the National Men’s Council and the Boys Mentorship Advisory Board with our young men. The work and effort you put in today will bear much fruit and will benefit many future generations, as the boys you help construct today will become men of purpose, men who radiate with positivity and help in the ongoing socio-economic growth of our beloved Federation.

Minister Hamilton also specifically referenced “private organizations such as pathfinders, scouts, boys brigade, cadet corps, Alcas and explorers club that provide positive outlets for our young men.  Special commendation is also given to those in the entertainment and cultural sector who organize specific programmes for our young people.”

Deputy Prime Minister Hamilton affirmed that the Government is committed to offering opportunities that allow boys to transition into successful and productive adulthood.

“There may be setbacks, errors made, but we must never abandon our boys. We must practice patience and forgiveness,” he stated. “For Boys under construction, our resources include the family, the state, the religious community, the school, the community. We must all be reading from the same plan and have the same guiding principles that we seek to instill in each boy who passes through our various institutions. We must all realize that through collaboration, we have a higher chance of seeing our boys succeed.”

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