Destination Dominica marketing to intensify in 2016

(Dominica News Online) The Ministry of Tourism is expected to intensify the marketing of Dominica as an ideal tourist destination in 2016.

Hon Minister for Tourism, Senator Robert Tonge told GIS News last week that the whole idea of analytics will be explored this year as the Ministry seeks to increase visitor arrivals to the island.

“Analytics is basically using your shopping patterns. For example, if you go on Amazon to buy a book or drill, when you go to Facebook, you see [related ads].

“So as opposed to putting our adverts and hoping people find it, we can now begin to use analytics so that when people begin to shop for vacations and packages that Dominica offers, they will see [Dominica as an option].”

He said, “Hopefully that will increase our chances of bringing business to Dominica.”

Tourism officials will also seek to boost the yachting sector in 2016.

“We’re not at the stage where we want to be but we definitely want to have more moorings so persons can come and anchor.

“We continue to work with the Portsmouth Association for Yacht Security which is doing a fantastic job in terms of security. They have their own boat and with assistance from the Ministry of Tourism, they are building a dock; we have about six feet left to build.

“It is being used however and making it easier for guests to come to Dominica.”

He says his Ministry is committed to the development of the sector.

“Community tourism is important for community residents to benefit from tourism activities. If they don’t benefit, they will see no need for them to participate.

“There are many little things which we have to work on and we have noted them all. We have small task forces so we can zero in…and address the issues,” he assured.

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