Developing Business Skills In Students

ZIZ News September 25, 2013 — The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank is taking steps to give students skills to develop their own businesses.

And as we hear in this report to do this they are training teachers to pass on the knowledge when they return to the classroom.

It’s called a Trainer of Trainers Workshop for teachers focusing on business innovation and business planning.

The idea is to train the teachers about how to educate the students on developing their own business ideas.

Elizabeth Wayland of the ECCB’s Corporate Relations Department said the teachers are the perfect ones to get this message of innovation and self-reliance to the younger generation.

She says in today’s economic climate it’s even more important to encourage young people to be innovative by thinking of ways to enhance their communities with new business ideas.

This workshop is one of the events leading up to the start of this year’s financial information month. It’s being held under the theme “reshaping our future, starting now”.

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