Developing Story: Track Star’s Brother Killed by Police

Winston C. Brown, known by many people as “Calli”, was shot and killed by a police officer with the St. Kitts-Nevis Police Force after a domestic situation with his wife and his sister. Brown is the brother of track star Kim Collins. Police Commissioner Celvin Walwyn says members of the Detla Squad interrupted an altercation between Brown and his wife who had taken out a restraining order against him in November 2012.

Police say a family member called police after Brown picked up his wife at a home in St. Peters Parish. The Delta Squad located Brown with his wife but he refused to release her and held a knife and an ice pick and told police to stay back. Police say Brown then cut his wife in the face and grabbed his sister and held her hostage.

Commissioner Walwyn says Brown asked police to kill him and lunged at a Detective Watts after releasing his sister. Detective Watts was stabbed in the leg and was forced to open fire, killing Brown. Commissioner Walwyn said quote, “He chose today, to die, by attacking police.” “Don’t attack the police. We are not going to stand-by and let you injure us.” Police are not releasing the name of Brown’s wife as she’s a victim of domestic violence. She’s being treated at J.N.F Hospital. ZIZ News is reaching out to Brown’s family for reaction to the shooting. We will have more information on this developing story on the ZIZ Evening News at 7pm.

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