Development Bank offers job attachment to Verchilds High students

An important meeting at the workplace: Chairman of the Development Bank’s Board of Directors, Mr Elvis Newton (2nd right) and his Deputy, Ms Rubie Taylor (left), with Miss Erica Richardson (right) and Miss Siedra Doyling (2nd left).

Basseterre St. Kitts (January 4, 2012) — Two fifth form students of the Business Department at the Verchilds High School were in the month of December involved in what they have described as a most rewarding experience following a two-week job attachment at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis.

Miss Siedra Doyling of Stone Fort Project and Miss Erica Richardson of Challengers Village were lucky to have been nominated by their school to do their Job Attachment Programme at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis. At the Bank they performed their duties with distinction which earned them the respect of the board, management and staff.

In a letter written to the Development Bank on October 17, 2011, Principal of the school Mrs Mary A. Clarke said: “The Business Department of the Verchilds High School requests your assistance in its Job Attachment Programme organised to give fifth form business students the opportunity to collect information for their School Based Assessment (SBA) project and at the same time gain work experience.”

The Job Attachment Programme was scheduled to run from Monday 5th December to Friday 16th December 2011, and according to the Head of the Business Department, Ms Elrose Williams: “If you allow students to join your establishment during this period they will assist in the office with areas such as filing, word processing and reception duties.”

The school had requested a place for one or two students, and the Development Bank, according to the Human Resource Officer, Ms Coralee Benjamin, decided to take two students for the attachment. On reporting at the Bank, situated at the corner of Church and Central Streets in Basseterre, the two were attached to the Loans Management Division, which is the busiest.

The two students said they collected enough information for their SBAs in Office Procedures that will see them perform well, and also gained work experience they feel would help them when they enter the field of work after school. Both Siedra and Erica said they loved the work atmosphere and the support they received from the staff and would love to work for the Bank.

“They were here for two weeks and we were quite happy with what they did,” said Mr David Fox, Manager Loans Management Division. “It was a good learning experience for them, and their total demeanour with regards to the workplace was definitely enhanced. They now have a better appreciation of what happens out in the workplace.”

According to Mr Fox, the two students had practice in office procedures and in customer service where they had an opportunity to deal with very pleasant customers.

“Generally the attachment provided them, in my opinion, with some tools which they should be able use well into their future, irrespective whatever direction they decide to go,” noted Mr Fox. “What they would have learnt here is going to help them in the future. I am satisfied they did what they were expected to do.”

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